West Texas
and The Borderlands

It’s quiet here. I watch my step for rattle snakes but don’t want to miss out on the raptors from above. They watch me too or so I think as you can almost hear their wingspan. If one were to skillfully watch and watch closely to land like this, you just might be allowed to experience all sincere desires, even the bloodthirsty ones in total innocence of which something feral looks back.

The following photographs revere the Far West Texas region, the last western frontier currently under severe threat of industrialization. They were created during production of our upcoming documentary ‘Trans Pecos: The Story of Stolen Land and the Loss of America’s Last Frontier.’ In photographing as well as wondering, I found land stewards that have an attention and intentionality to what they choose to protect, of which necessitates a certain kind of courage to shine a light on what threatens the sanctity of land and all things wild.

I was recently reminded that ‘Falling in love is a desolating experience, but not when it is with the countryside’. I have here but mostly with folk in reverence for a place, a sense of belonging and grounded understanding with the laws of the natural world . These country folk, steadfast and bold with a march of land stewardship we all can learn from.

west texas cowboy